Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Blog #3 "What I Like"

I am a huge fan of London artist Von, aka “Hellovon,” who remade the movie poster for classic 80’s movie Teen Wolf. The composition is simple and beautiful, very pleasing to the eyes. The way he descends from large to small objects from top to bottom make the message easy to grasp.

The main focus of the poster is the illustration of the werewolf, in standard Hellovon style. It is large and takes up the most of the positive space.

The colors scheme is simple, mostly brown and black, but the streaks of yellow in the hair offset the otherwise muted colors. It really ties the colors of the poster together making it aesthetically balanced.

The use of handwritten type for the title “Teen Wolf” works perfectly to convey fun and youth. Juxtaposed below it is the tagline for the movie, but in a helvetica-looking serif font. This combination of type works very well together, and distinguishes the messages of the text from each other. Aside from the look of the type, the way Von employs font size to emphasize the message is also well played.

There is something about the text that makes it look alive. I believe he hand wrote all of the text so that the the lines are not completely straight, giving the poster a warm and welcoming aesthetic.

Each element of the poster is so well designed that each can stand on its own with confidence. I continue to be amazed at the work of Hellovon.

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