Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Blog #4 Reflections on Class

I enjoyed the classes very much, and the lectures opened my eyes to some of the histories of the technologies I use everyday. I learned much about the beginnings of the camera and lens, the science behind them, and how they work together. Beginning the course with photography was a great foundation for the rest of the course; it allowed me to think about style and composition heavily for all of my assignments.

The unit on film and the video camera was great, but I expected more hands on projects. I would like to see more coverage on the subject in terms of production and editing, even if its on beginner programs like iMovie. It would have been great if the units on filming and lighting were better tied together in a more hands on manner. For example, using lighting equipment to film a mock interview in lab.

Also, I would have liked to see some coverage in the medium of sound, ranging from sound design, sound effects in movies, soundtracking, and the histories of recording sound for music and film.

Overall, the class was extremely educational, especially in terms of technicality. I don’t consider myself very well-versed in the technical aspects of photography and film, but the class laid a very good foundation on those subjects for me. Lastly, as this semester comes to an end, the class has really led me to appreciate new mediums in our current age and taught me to adapt to our ever changing world of media.

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